Anne Boning

"Fine Art is that in which the head, the heart and the hand of man go together" - John Ruskin

I am a sculptor, living and working in the Cotswolds. I graduated in Fine Art from Loughborough in 1978 and qualified as a teacher the following year. I am now a practising artist and work mainly with stone.

Surrounded by quarries, disused and working, I am constantly reminded of the importance of the stone which has been instrumental in the creation of our environment. It contains a wealth and range of ancient material and selecting the stone is an important part of the process for me. I prefer to work with random shapes which I choose for their individual and natural qualities. I address each piece with an open mind and allow the material to dictate my path. This way of uninhibited working is important to me as it facilitates spontaneity and movement throughout the piece.

As an artist I like to observe life and aim to transfer my thoughts into three dimensional form. Each piece I make is unique. I work sensitively and symbiotically with the stone, using the skills I have to bring it to life. My work is semi- representational and sometimes abstract. Most of the pieces I make are suitable for inside and out.